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What are Landmen and What Do They Do?



















You may know already that there are different jobs in the oil and gas industry. This starts from drilling to engineering and it seems that all people know someone that works with oil. However, what you may not know is that the job of a landman actually started in the middle ages.


A landman is a person who works with companies in the gas and oil explorations. Before a firm could start drilling for gas and oil, they should first own the rights to the oil or gas minerals to which the land have. Landmen are the ones that bridge on the gaps between such companies like Doggett Land Services LLC and the landowner who effectively serves as the proverbial middleman for the landowners and the stakeholders.


Landmen sometimes are being hired by energy companies and that they are commonly work as independent contractors for the brokers or perhaps the ones that hires them to work for the project of their clients.


One type of landmen would be the field landmen who are hired by brokers in performing the services needed before drilling could begin. The services to which they offer includes on the identification of mineral rights, determining land ownership and with the procurement and negotiations of land and mineral leases.


The negotiation process will also include technical items like bonuses per mineral acre, percentage of royalty, plow depth clauses and also with payment per rod. This kind of work could be complicated due to the fact that mineral rights and land rights will not always belong to the same owner. The outcome to this is that surface lands could be sold and owned separately from mineral lands, which will require separate negotiations.


There are also company landmen of Doggett Land Services LLC. Company landmen are also hired directly by oil and gas exploration companies in order to handle services such as the preparation and negotiation of leases and contracts (usually with companies), property record researches and in managing drilling communication and activities. Also, company landmen will also be the one to handle lease payments and also equipment malfunctions.


Whether these professionals work at the field or in the office, landmen likewise handles different tasks in the oil and gas business. From the process of communicating with ranchers whose lands are sites of oil and gas rigs to researching the title and land ownership records. Landmen are professionals who play a big role in the acquisition of oil and gas rights. You ma watch and gather details about oil and gas at